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Day Trip to San Pedro, CA

If you haven't heard of San Pedro you should check it out. I really loved our day there going to their Fish Market, Breweries and Point Fermin Park that had really pretty views.

Places to Visit on your Trip to Seattle, WA

Are you going to Seattle soon and want to plan your trip? Check out some of the places I went to on my recent trip to Seattle. Hope you get to visit these places.

Beautiful Hike near Seattle, WA

Do you enjoy hiking?

If you are in or near Seattle, WA be sure to check out this hike! Beautiful views of Rattle Snake Lake.


Welcome to my Blog!

You will find here all the things that make me happy

  • Food! If there’s no food, I’m not happy.
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Traveling and being adventurous!
  • Family, Friends, and Love ♥
  • Being creative
  • Elderly and their stories
  • Women empowering women
  • and Most Importantly, seeing others Happy!

Being truly happy is my main goal in life.
I began this blog to share what makes me happy with a goal of getting others to pursue their happiness as well. It is very easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routines with work, school, and the things life throws at us causing us to forget about the things that we really want to pursue. I told myself this blog would be for fun and a way to be more mindful of what I want to accomplish.

I love giving meaning to my life by pursuing happiness.

Hello! I'm Lily ♥


My Diary

First Post :)

First Post :)

Hello! Hola!
I am so excited to finally be able to get to my first post!!

I’m very happy and proud of myself to actually get this blog going that I have no idea where to start. I started this blog to mainly document about all the things in life that make me happy and to spread the happiness. I believe we can all spread happiness by sharing our experiences and trying new things. Who doesn’t love good food! I am always very happy when I eat. When something looks really good, I always take out my phone because I HAVE to capture the deliciousness. So you will be coming across a lot of food, and I hope to eventually get to sharing my mom’s Amazing recipes of yes, Mexican food! Because I want to be able to cook the food the way she makes it.

Aside from food, I will also be sharing any traveling experiences. I would love to travel and have memories of every place I go. They won’t always be out of state, or out of the country but sometimes of little towns that are nearby. I love all the little restaurants that only Locals know of…. (of course there’s food when you travel). You know a place is good when some local from a town tells you “Oh you REALLY need to try this place”… it’s those kind of places that I really enjoy. I love getting places recommended to me. If its trails to go hiking, food places, a great place where you get a good sunset view, or simply a nice park to take a walk. These are the things I would love to share so every one can be happy with the simple things we come across.

If you come across anything you love, like, or dislike on my blog please I encourage you to share with me through comments or emails.

Thank you for joining me!