Here are a few questions to get to know me a little better:


My name: Lily but my full name is Lilia

I live: In Carpinteria, CA

What I do for a living: CNA/ Caregiver

My sign: Virgo

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Sport: Softball

Favorite Activity: Hiking, Running & Yoga

Favorite Food: Anything my mom makes

Favorite Music: I enjoy a wide variety but if you ask my bestie she will say "You love the slow lovey duvey songs"

My Long-Term Goal: Become a Nurse

My Short-Term Goal: Becoming a morning person (Like before 7am)

What I love: Chocolate and the color pink...someone actually told me there is pink chocolate but I haven't tried it yet

My Go to Drink at a Bar: At the moment I love Moscow Mules and water.. remember to hydrate your body!!

A pet peeve of mine: When someone is fidgety

Tattoos: 2 of them and plan to get more

What Am I Afraid of: The dark

First thing I notice on a person: Facial expressions

Another thing I Love: Tea, its good for the soul <3

Hope this helped to get to know me a little bit more.
Now I want to hear some of the things you love, some favorites and pet-peeves?!