Dukes in Malibu

Dukes in Malibu

Yesterday felt nice being able to get out of Santa Barbara and Ventura for the day. My boyfriend decided to take me to Dukes in Malibu and I have to say it is a very nice restaurant. Great Views and Great food!

First of all the drive on the PCH is very beautiful and relaxing! 

Once we got to Duke’s they gave us an estimate wait time of about 30-45 minutes, which we thought was a long time but it was a perfect excuse to go to their Barefoot Bar 🙂

For some reason I have been into Moscow Mules so I saw they had a Hawaiian Mule on their menu so I had to try it! It didn’t beat the one I had in San Diego though.  My boyfriend tried the Duke’s Blonde, which was pretty good beer!

The wait wasn’t too bad since we were at the bar. It actually felt like 20 minutes so that was nice. I fell in love with the view that we had from our table! The sun had already set, but it was still pretty!

First they brought us bread and ohh mahh gash… I fell in love. You have to have their bread with butter, especially when the bread is still warm. We ordered the Crab and MacNut Wontons (since we love the ones from Spencer Makenzie’s), but I wasn’t too fond of them, the mustard plum sauce was too over powering and lets just say, I’ll stick to the wontons from Spencer’s, but if you like Crab and Mustard it’s worth a shot.

My boyfriend had  Filet Mignon and I had the Parmesan Herb Crusted. They were both very delicious. The portions looked small but its definitely quality over quantity at Dukes. And after all the bread I had, it was a perfect amount and I still ended up being stuffed afterwards.

We will definitely be going back to try different dishes, to have more bread, haha, and to be seated while the sun is setting.

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