Getting Back to Running

Getting Back to Running

Happy Friday 💗

Today I started running again, which felt soo good. I ran along the beach and I have to say it was a bit difficult since its my first day getting back to running. I ran 3.1 miles in 31 minutes (and stopped a couple of times to take pictures 😏)

I ran all along the beach, next to the 101 Freeway with a beautiful view.

My goal for this run was to run 3 miles. I didn’t set a time goal because I just wanted to get into the rhythm of running, so I felt like making it under a certain time would set me up for failure.

For me running is very relaxing. It gives me time To think and to eventually let all those thoughts go, so by the end of the run i feel amazing. If you enjoy running you will understand how you can compare these long runs to a therapy session.

How will you not want to run with a beautiful view like this?!

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