Rattlesnake Hike in Washington

Rattlesnake Hike in Washington

First Hike in Seattle

This was my second time in Seattle and one thing I really wanted to do is go on a hike. Washington is a very green state and I want to enjoy the beautiful views it has. Before this trip I had planned on going to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park, but I was told it would be better to go camping out there to actually enjoy it for a few days. So I asked my friends roommate about some nearby hikes and she was so helpful!! She also suggested this website which was amazing because you can filter your search depending in what region you want to stay in, the distance, difficulty and more. So if you are in Washington and want to find a trail check this website out!  If you aren’t in Washington and you want to look up trails this website is very good too.

After looking at the Washington Trail we decided to do the Rattlesnake Trail. We saw the pictures of the lake and were sold on it right away. My boyfriend and I stayed with my friend in Seattle. He lives very close to Seattle University. From there it was about a 30-minute drive to the trail.

One thing I love about this trail is that there is good parking. They have a lot of spaces and even an extra lot in case the main one gets filled. The trail was very straight forward and labeled by a couple of signs. There were people going up the trail ahead of us so we also just followed them. The trail was about 3 miles roundtrip and I loved every single part of it. There were so many tall trees and it was just green everywhere!!


I recently haven’t been doing too many hikes at home, just some running and yoga, so I did get a bit tired going up. Especially since we were all talking the whole way up and that made it a bit more difficult. Anyways, when we got up, the view made the whole hike worth it! The view was breathtaking and the lake was so blue next to all the green trees! I had never seen anything like it! I’m used to seeing a city view, beach view and mountain view but nothing like this.

The Views

Excuse my hair that is all over the place, it was a bit windy up there.

There was a higher point but we decided to stop there since we knew taking pictures was going to take a while and this area was a view directly over the lake and the other one was overlooking more of the mountains. So we decided the lake view. There was a lot of people just sitting taking a break at the top enjoying the view. It makes me so happy seeing that many people going on hikes and enjoying the beautiful views nature has for us.

To me hiking is more than a workout and a beautiful view. It is a beautiful place you work hard to get to and you know that once you get to the top, to this beautiful view, you know all your worries and struggles will just go away. Hiking brings me to a serene state of mind and that is all I want in life. I really hope others find this feeling with hikes as well. I fell in love with everything about this trail!! Are there any other trails you love?

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