San Diego

San Diego

We had been wanting to the San Diego Zoo and we were finally able to set a weekend aside to go. We went on a weekend where it had been pouring all day and they had warned people to stay off the roads, we almost rescheduled it, but we decided to just go. We left Friday night and got to San Diego around 12am. So were able to enjoy San Diego Zoo on Saturday.

We had planned to go to Hash House a Go Go but the line was so long we decided to go to get some bagels at a different store, which were very delicious and were a better choice so we could get to the Zoo quicker. I have heard Hash House a Go Go is a must so we will definitely be going back for that. I was bummed (& I still am) that we didn’t get to eat there.

The San Diego Zoo was a good time, now I can cross it off my bucket list.

Oh and this leopard was my favorite one because it reminds me of myself when I’m trying to make up my mind haha. Isn’t it too adorable <3

Next on my list is holding a Koala Bear 🙂

I was so lucky to have cousins who live in San Diego (Thanks Rafita and Sharina!!)  they were  able to recommend some good places to go to.  They told us of a lot of different places so we definitely need to go back, but Saturday night we decided to go to Florent and to Jolt’n Joes in Gaslamp.

I typically drink Jack and Coke but I figured I’d go with something different so I asked the bartender to surprise me and she made me a Copper’s Star Cocktail and it was the best moscow mule I have ever had and my boyfriend got a beer, of course 🙂

Jolt’n Joes was a very relaxing place to hang out for the night.  I really enjoyed it since it wasn’t over crowded and we got to play some ping pong.

& Lastly on Sunday (Since we only went for the weekend) We went to this amaaaazing breakfast spot called Elixir Espresso Bar. I looked it up on Yelp and saw that they had these delicious crepes. So I couldn’t resist… just look at them. My boyfriend isn’t too fond of the nutella and excessive sugar so I was happy to see that they also had a crepe with ham, egg and cheese.

But just look at that crepe!!! Makes my mouth water each time I look at it.

Oh and the cappuccino was good too !!  (Thats ^^^my boyfriend)
Props to the lady who was working that espresso bar all by herself & she still had time to decorate my drink 🙂

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