The only time I thought about Seattle was when I watched Grey’s Anatomy and I’m obsessed with McDreamy and still sad that he dies in the show… (sorry if I ruined it for you). So. Seattle was definitely on my Bucket List! Then when I knew my best friend was going to go to school at Seattle University I thought now is my perfect chance to go!

So, I went to Seattle for a few days and got to explore.

When I watched Grey’s Anatomy I would always wonder if it would really rain all the time? And well the few days I was there I realized the weather was bipolar; it would rain, then a couple hours later it would get sunny and hot then it would start sprinkling. So I had a difficult time packing for weather because my friend couldn’t tell me how the weather was in Seattle. That was the first time I had been there so he took me to the touristic places like Pike Place Market, Space Needle, the Gum Wall, the Gas Works park.


I loved the views from Space Needle! Prime time to go up there is an hour or so before the sun sets so you can go up there and enjoy before and after the sun sets.

Definitely want to go back and hopefully next time I can take my boyfriend and we can both go explore the cute little places in Seattle, WA that tourists don’t know about.

Especially the food places and hikes! So if you are from Seattle and have some places that you absolutely love, email me or comment any places please! I would love some recommendations!

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for letting me share my experience with you 🙂









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