Sycamore Canyon Trail

Sycamore Canyon Trail

This was my first trail I had been to in Newbury Park and I definitely want to go back. I loved how they have easy parking unlike Inspiration in Santa Barbara. It isn't too difficult and it is good for all ages. When I was going up I saw a group of about 15 people with younger kids and they did just fine on the trail.

The trail is flat for the first 10 minutes then it will go in a slight inline (See picture below)

Then once you are up the hill it goes into an incline but there is a bench halfway incase you need a break. It's an easy trail after the inline. It will be about 20-25 minutes to get to the waterfall.

It was very pretty sight, but there were a lot of people around making it difficult to take pictures. Luckily we snuck one in.

You are able to climb up along the waterfall but there was a lot of Poison Oak. So for those who do go up more, be careful!!

There was a nice big rock, which was great to set up for pictures 🙂

There were other paths when we went up so I will be going back for those!!

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